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Thread: Most poplular subject here at GS - MK or am I imagining this?

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    LOL Nope, RI doesn't stand for Rhode Island, as Mathman pointed out, I'm from Europe :D If you want to know what RI stands out for, bribing is necessary (I'm joking, if any of you want to know what it is I can tell you by PM )

    One of the reason I love figure skating is because (here comes the weird part) is not THAT controversial LOL Seriously, we're debating all the time about the judging blocs, the fans fighting between themselves and stuff like that, but it's because we're so into it. If we step back and see what goes on in the other sports, figure skating is actually all about glamour, grace, the smiles, the tears... the audiences don't boo, they applaud everyone... I really think skating is one of the "nicest" sports!

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    LOL on discussion boards....

    I certainly haven't looked for discussion boards on EVERY topic in the world. But for the topics I have looked for, a huge % of what I have found are fairly nasty in terms of personal attacks and that sort of thing. I was SO glad to find Goldenskate to feed my fandom of this sport. I also felt very lucky a couple years ago to find a good board for weight loss support. I am STILL looking for a respectful board in the German Shepherd Dog arena, so LOL let me know if any of you have recommendations.

    RIskatingfan, I know what you mean about "uber fans" in the live sport arena - pretty wicked sometimes. I wonder if some of viciousness that we see on discussion boards would actually be that wicked in person. It's pretty easy to dish it out from behind a computer screen LOL.

    It's good to be back in anticipation of World's!! I'm hoping for lots of great flawless skates and an exciting competition. The next week will seem like it takes forever to go by.


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