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You Won't Believe This Girl's Real Name

Her name is Diot Coke. No, her parents are not trying to cash in on an odd 21st century fad in which children are named after commercial products. Diot was born in the year 1379 in West Riding in Yorkshire, England. That's the word from researchers at Britain's National Archives, who think the name "Diot" is a corruption of the then common "Dionisia," which later became "Denise," reports The Associated Press. Her surname, "Coke," is thought to be a variation of "Cook."

The unusual 14th century name was discovered by archivist George Redmonds, who wrote about it in the National Archives' magazine, Ancestors. When he was reviewing the ancient birth records, Redmonds made an even odder discovery than the name Diot Coke. He learned that names we now consider to be masculine, such as Philip and Thomas, were used as girls' names in the 1300s.

What was an unusual name for the 14th century? Mary. The most popular names for girls during this time were Godelena, Helwise, Idony, Avice, and Dionisia.