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Thread: TV schedule URLs for Worlds

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    TV schedule URLs for Worlds

    Subject to change, of course. CHECK YOUR LOCAL LISTINGS to verify the local times!

    The US schedule is given at
    and (check back for updates).

    The Canadian schedule is given at (a short form for the page, check back for updates)
    Basically, it's 8pm-10pm on CBC Tues-Fri with 11pm-1am on the first Mon (edited times). On Saturday it might be 2pm-6pm on Sports Saturday, but that's not clear. And there's nothing listed for Sunday, but 9pm-10pm is TBA, so maybe they'll put some exhibitions there. Someone on FSU shows 8pm-10pm on Sunday for the exhibition. And now (edited 3/15) there's 8pm-10pm on Mon 3/29 and Tues 3/30, too. We'll see...

    The Eurosport schedule (and German TV) is given at

    The German times are CET (Central European Time), so subtract 6 hours for EST or 9 hours for PST. The Eurosport times can be checked at their website, but not until later next week (I hope).

    They do have live streaming AUDIO, so you can listen along on the Internet...the British commentators are fun to hear, and you can get German, French, Spanish, or Italian if you'd rather. (live audio is at the bottom of the red box).

    The actual event schedule below is in English so you should be able to figure out the German in the Eurosport schedule...times are CET.

    Actual event schedule, subject to change

    Monday March 22, 2004
    10:00 Men Qualifying Rounds A/B
    18:30 Opening & Pairs Short Program

    Tuesday March 23, 2004
    13:00 Dance Compulsory Dance
    18:30 Men Short Program

    Wednsday March 24, 2004
    10:00 Ladies Qualifying Rounds A/B
    18:30 Pairs Free Program

    Thursday March 25, 2004
    13:00 Dance Original Dance
    18:30 Men Free Program

    Friday March 26, 2004
    13:00 Ladies Short Program
    18:30 Dance Free Dance

    Saturday March 27, 2004
    13:00 Ladies Free Program

    Sunday March 28, 2004
    14:15 Exhibition Gala
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    Thanks Anke. Great post for Golden Skate Members


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    You're welcome!

    I should also mention which is the link for Internet streaming video.

    Two hours of the German coverage (see the Eurosport schedule above) are on ZDF, which does *sometimes* have live streaming video.

    And last year one of the Turkish stations had live coverage. I don't know if there will be anything this year.

    Happy viewing!
    Anke G.

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    Thanks a lot for the links, with Worlds so close I was trying to get this kind of information that is quite useful for people like me that has to follow this by internet before ESPN latin decides to show it in the middle of April.

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