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Thread: Will COP affect Worlds?

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    Will COP affect Worlds?

    I've been wondering for this for a while, we have seen trough the GP series a lot of new skaters winnning or medalling in events because of the COP, probably the biggest example in men would be Kevin Ven der Perren that without a quad or triple axel manage to medal a couple of times.
    With the old system, jumps are really important but is COP affecting the results already when the jumps are not enough?
    I though about that after Euros SP of the men event, some people (don't remember if it was here or other forums) said that Joubert was robbed because he made a clean program while Evgeni had a problem with his quad combination, but then I re-read Plush and Joubert results by the COP and Plushenko had better level of difficulty on spins and footwork than Joubert, so I though the result was quite fair.
    So do you think judges will remember how skaters have been marked under COP when it comes to show their marks at Worlds?

    (I know all this examples are based on the men event, but my question was for all 4 disciplines, it just that men event is the one I follow the most)

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    There's no think otherwise, judges are going to be using the CoP eventually and they are practicing it now.

    I rode out to the airport in Atlanta after Worlds ended and I happend to be with a judge. We chatted, and when I asked her about the CoP, she was all for it. When I questioned how judges can judge each element quickly, she said it could be done.

    She also said that during the Nats, she was using the ColP on the side which helped her to judge the competitions more fairly.

    Just one judge's take on this very interesting topic.


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    I don't think there is any doubt that it will affect the judging. The way I see it CoP forces the judges to think much differently then under the old system. Their minds are already in the process of switching to that mindset so the effect will be there.

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