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No. Base value is only points on paper. You have to actually execute them and pass the exacting standards of a tech panel to get those points. Mao needs to skate clean to "lock-in" gold. Any flaws and the judges will readily place Julia or Yuna above her. I suspect the judges are most favorable to a clean Lipnitskaia, so if Kim or Asada make mistakes she'll vault ahead of them. My 'worry' podium is a lot like SLC 2002, where Julia gets way overscored in the SP and goes clean in the LP to beat both Kim and Asada (the two heavy favorites).
While I agree with almost everything here I'm compelled to respond to a "worry podium". Why worry? I say being heavy favorites shouldn't be enough. When asked about judging being fair or too strict Julia said"we shouldn't give the judges anything negative to deduct and present only clean skating". I see nothing wrong with holding the favorites to these standards too. It might make some of them skate better and some may change up there programs to try and skate better results!!

Even though Julia is my #1 I see no reason not to root on Mao. Especially with changing up the back to back 3a which I was perhaps a bit over critical of. I say go get em girl and make history while doing it!