ok...i've got a few questions about skating:
1-is it possible to learn certain jumps on rollerblades? I know this is a weird question but I can't start skating until I can drive (one more year) and i've been practing certain things that are the same (crossovers, foreward/backward stroking) but i was wondering if there was a way to practice jumps...

2-Who is the tallest female singles or pairs skater that you have heard of who has made it to nationals (and what is their name and height)? I don't want to make it to nationals or anything but I was wondering if it's possible to be tall and rather good.

3-Say you've been skating several times before (i've been skating maybe 3 times...and my gym class went skating a few times too) and you took to it pretty well (only one fall the first time out...and that was when someone crashed into you). How long do you think it would take to start doing simple jumps? (i KNOW spins will take me a loooong time because i can't even do a two foot...lol)

4-I don't know if this is a question or more of a statement. Alright...here goes: I play volleyball. A LOT of volleyball. I call it my "default" sport. This is because i wanted to play a sport but I could only take one offered through school, so I chose volleyball because AT THE TIME it was the only sport that did not include running (for the record, I am now running the mile every other morning). Somewhere along the line, my parents absolutly fell in love with me playing volleyball (esp. my mom). She is TOTALLY against "girly" sports (skating) and she insists, although she says i can take lessons, that i ABSOLUTLY MUST play volleyball. (I've had horror dreams about this. I'm going to the Worlds and my volleyball coach tells me there is a vb tournament this weekend and I cant go to my competition or I will get kicked off the team) It's not like i mind volleyball or anything, and I'm definatly planing to keep playing it, but I'm afraid that if i start getting seriously into skating my mom won't let me quit (i'm talking a few years down the road). She also won't pay for skating, which I don't mind, but that means I have to work in order to pay for skating which further takes away from skating time. Finally she believes that I will only take skating during the summer (and of course, I plan to do it year round)...so I guess what I'm getting to is: Does anyone have any suggestions??

5-Pairs skating. Is 115 too heavy? (i know i'm already too tall for it, but it's the what i want to do the most, i just LOVE being part of a team...i guess i could always do syncro, but i'd rather do pairs...i know, both are several years down the road...)

6-After you are over 25, do you HAVE to enter only adult competitions? Or can you still do regular ones?