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Thread: Returning adult skater

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    Returning adult skater

    Hi all, well, I'm a 30 year young lady with a spirit of an 8 year old. I started skating in 1997 at the young age of 24 and took the Basic skills when there were just 6 levels, then went on to take 2 or 3 Freestyle classes-only the coach didn't really TEST us on our FS level classes :/(but could NOT get a good spin--that's a later story ^_^) I had my Toe-loop and Salchow and working on my flip (and landed it a few times). Two years ago I had to take a break from skating due to a lower back injury/diagnosis of arthritis in the lumbar region :P.

    Well, after a lonnnnggggg 2 year hiatus I'm back on the ice and I am EATING it up :D So far I've managed to keep my waltz and toe loop and cannot for the LIFE of me figure out my salchow. It's funny what you can FORGET isn't it? I've actually got a good two foot spin going this time around!^_^

    I just wanted to share my elation of being back for what felt like a millenia!

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    Welcom to Lutz Corner, and welcome back to skating!! It sounds like you are doing great. Please join us in the lessons/practice threads and keep us up on how you are doing. :D

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    Welcome to GS and back to the ice! I just recently started skating too after a looooong time and I am loving it Keep us posted about your skating.

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