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Thread: Opening Ceremony

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winnie_20 View Post
    Your ridiculously hot guy just won a gold medal in the speed skating. His twin brother won the bronze (and another Dutchman the silver, which is the second clean sweep this week). ;-)
    I know. I watched it live. Looking at him again, he look a lot more like Charlie Hunnam (which is still a very good thing since he almost played Christian Grey in "50 Shades") and my own husband (minus the blonde hair and speed skating talent).

    Plus the Dutch are 3-0 when WA and Maxima are in the crowd!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Procrastinator View Post
    My comment earlier was before any of the stuff after the athletes marched in had happened. I changed mind. It was great! Certainly better than London/Vancouver (which were utter snorefests) but still second to Beijing.

    I actually expected a gymnastics superstar to be one of the torch bearers, e.g. Nemov or Khorkina
    I was hoping for Yagudin, Khorkina or Slutskaya.

    AND, I heard T.A.T.U. playing in the background and NBC didn't show them singing? Why?

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