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    Hello There,

    I'm an adult skater who is having a lot of trouble with my back-spin, and sit-spin.

    My coach has tried every tecnique he knows, on my back-spin, and still don't work with me I get 2 revolutions some times and then I loose my balance. By the way I get dizzier by doing 2 revs on the b/s than doing 8 revs on the f/spin.

    On the sit spin, its very hard to bring the free-leg together after I started rotating, but if I try getting them together before, I don't even get to one revolution.

    Can someone help me? before a loose my coach from so much trying! LOL

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    Re: Spins

    Make sure of your arm position. I have trouble too - once I get my legs crossed, I start to lose balance. I just practice it a lot!!!

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    be on the right part of the blade

    One of the most important parts of these spins is to get on the right part of the blade. In order to get rotation and spin fast you need to get to the front part of the blade, in fact the bottom toe pick will be scratching the ice very slightly. That's how you will know you are in the right spot. When you are in the back or middle of the blade the spin usually feels unsteady and and it may scrape.
    A good way to find the right spot is to just rock a little forward while standing still and see if you can feel when that first toe pick touches the ice. Or, do a forward srcatch spin and really pay attention to the part of the blade you are on, you're probably in the right spot there if you are getting eight rotations. Try to get to that same place on the blade on your other foot in the back spin.
    Remember, back spin is small circles on the backward outside edge.

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    Re: Spins

    For any spin, the most important thing to remember is to centre yourself first then the revolutions will be easier. Try stepping into your circle and then bring your leg around slowly.

    The sit spin is easy, but make sure you are centred. The back spin is a little tricky because you are rotating on the opposite foot. Make sure you are really balanced well and centred.

    Hope this helps.


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    Re: Spins

    For my sit spin I try to think of it like I'm doing a regular scratch spin when I first go into it so I don't sit too soon and lose balance but when I do sit I make sure I "snap" at the same time putting my right arm over my left leg to stay centered. My coach is always telling me to stick my butt out more to get the right position, it's funny when she says that but it does help!

    I'm still working on the backspin so I don't really have any advise for you there. I seem to have frustrating experiences with that one, I hate it but I have to learn it to do the loop. Seems everytime I try to do it and I'm really concentrating on it, I don't get it, then when I'm not really thinking about it too hard(being fearless about it) I get it!!

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