2014 Polish Junior Nationals - Results

PFSA's 2013-14 YouTube Channel
This is where the judges' camera videos from all national competitions are uploaded and I imagine that the Junior Nationals videos will find their way there as well.

28 Junior Ladies and 10 Junior Men are taking part.

Junior Ice Dance event took place during Four Nationals and we don't have any Junior Pairs at the moment.

Things are not looking very promising for the future.

In Junior Ladies SP, only three skaters attempted triple jumps and only one (Agata Kryger) landed it. Only five clean double axels.

In Junior Men SP, Krzysztof Gała did his 100%, landing 3axel, 3lutz/2toe and 3loop. He's a great jumper but his presentation leaves a lot to be desired, unfortunately. Still having a skater this young have a consistent triple axel is something absolutely incredible for our standards. Top 4 landed triple jumps (or at least rotated them) so Men seem to be in a better shape than Ladies.