I find Tara and Johnnie very uninteresting. It doesn't help that Weir creeps me out!!!, and I hated Tara as a skater. NO artistry to her - just child-like jumps and spins. For me, she was a big step backwards for the world of figure skating. They haven't been too bad at Sochi. But Tara has little excitement to her voice. It's like she's reading off a teleprompter. I'm guessing NBC has told Johnnie to tone it down. Thank you!
And it's also harder to like them, because Scott Hamilton is SO much better! Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. How could anyone not get excited when he's commenting! Sandra Bezic is good, but she really got to me when she was commenting about Felicia Zhang's fist pumps, in the replay, in Boston. ('and they just know - she KNOWS!'). That almost had me in tears. I guess I enjoy chearleaders...
So the A team can't get to the booth soon enough for me!

(but really - I'd listen to Tara and Weir talking backwards if they would return figure skating on TV!)