I think it's a hard choice and it certainly depends on the fans too. The greatest skater for the casual fan would be the one who wins the most, for the hardcore fan the greatest skater may not be the one who wins the most. Sandhu doesn't exactly have the best competitive record but how many consider him one of the best? It's not just a matter of looking at the number of the titles or we wouldn't be having this discussion anyway.

Personally, I find the greatest skaters to be #2. There are many who have great jumps, others have great spins, others have excellent presentation, others interpret the music like nobody else... how hard is it to combine all this? Being a good competitor doesn't mean you're an excellent skater, it only means that you can skate to your highest level in competition. It doesn't say anything about what the level is. Consistency is good, but again, getting consistent top 15 finishes at Worlds hardly makes a skater the greatest. It doesn't say much about the skater. Pushing the envelope technically? Does anyone consider Tim Goebel the greatest skater ever? Consummate artist, lyrical skater but not a great jumper... Dancers don't jump so this only aplies to singles and pairs. And in singles and pairs jumps are very important. Sorry, but if a skater can't jump because of bad technique for example, then hardly it can be the greatest. If it's the pressure, then it may be different. Kurt Browning's jumps would sometimes fail when he competed but then he turned pro and many consider him one of the greatest. Good communication with the audience hardly makes anyone the greatest... Steven Cousins is great with the audience and I doubt he can be labelled as one of the greatest.

I'd say the greatest skater would have the complete package, would be a great and consistent competitor who would always try to push the sport at all levels, preferrably with a career (amateur and pro) long enough to accomplish everything and grow as a skater. And of course, having that connection with the crowd allows the skater to stay in their memories. I can find a restrict number of skaters that fit this