Twinnie, that post was GREAT! And to not have at least SOME of that knowledge is exactly why I said last week that I thought we were starting to see cracks in Simon's abilities, especially as a producer. (This post is kind of spanning the last two weeks.) Toni responded (I sound like Seacrest doing the recap; sorry Toni, lol!) that Simon was there to judge the whole package. ITA. I hope they're ALL there to judge the whole package. But a major part of the whole package is how well they sing and if you can't hear a thing as basic as when a singer is off-pitch, what the hell are you doing being a record producer? Do something else in music, but don't be the key person between the singer and the finished product. Legendary producers such as Phil Spector and George Martin literally changed the way we hear music when the right talent came along. Of course I don't expect every producer to be able to do that, but I think you've got to know the mechanics of what brings the best out of a singer so you can help guide him/her in putting together an album. Otherwise it's just hit-or-miss and short careers.

But Rgal, that explanation of the "gift spot" for a voice (hmm, G spot?) is a classic example. Jasmine has a great voice and of all the contestants, she has the best communication, IMO. But Tues. night she sounded awful. You could both hear and see her straining to make the song work. It was as if even she was confused, like, "Why does this sound and feel so bad?" She even looked distracted by it. I did not hear her go off key, but at first I thought it was what Randi said, that the song was in the wrong key for her. But your explanation is the only one that makes sense. Not only because of how bad Jasmine sounded but also of how great Amy sounded. "Sin Wagon" is an all low-to-middle register song and it's also apparently where Amy's G spot is (okay, I'm sorry--you know me). Seriously, at least on that song, Amy reminded me of KD Lang and that is no small compliment.

Speaking of no small compliment, MAN, I was so impressed by Kimberly Locke. I was sort of ho-hum about her last season but, wow, nothing like experience and determination. She looked like she'd had 10 years experience in the last 12 months or whatever it's been. GOOD FOR KIM!

Everybody covered everybody and my feelings haven't changed much about people from my monster post last week. Except, about Fantasia and Simon: Simon said she looked like her mother dressed her and that's when she went off with what I thought was a very funny "Simon, you just don't understand class!" BTW, according to TV GUIDE, the contestants are INSTRUCTED by the AI producers to disagree with the judges, especially Simon, if they say something negative to them. Apparently the producers know that this is what the audience loves and I think they're right. Had Simon not added the "And you look like your mother dressed you" (I mean, come on; he knows all you have to do to get a rise out of somebody, especially somebody like Fantasia, is say "yo mama") and just complimented her with, "Don't get too old," it would have seemed rude. But Simon clearly threw down the gauntlet and I thought Fantasia responded perfectly. She knows she's a funky chick from the south and that it's going to be funny to hear her tell the "proper Englishman" he doesn't know class. I laughed. She's just confident. And she should be. She is all that, lol.

Since it's all over and Matt is gone, for which I'm glad though I do give him props for the best sing out, I won't go through my list except to say Amy won the night, with LaToya an acceptable but not great second. And one other thing. I thought I was imagining things with JPL. When he didn't start doing the funky chicken, I thought, "Whew! Now I can actually listen and watch him." But Randi was right! JPL loses his voice when he stands still. Dancing like an idiot is to JPL's singing as Samson's hair is to his strength. Go figure. America may love him, but definitely not my type. Also, couldn't help but notice that Jennifer Hudson had a major makeover. I love her voice. It's so low it's different, though I haven't heard her G spot yet

So Twinnie, I guess you didn't see my last week's AI post where I talked about why I don't get George. Could you please explain what's good about him for me?
PS Looks like America is catching on at least somewhat to Diana. I bet if she went out and failed miserably at a few things she might make a really interesting singer in about five or 10 years. I can't blame her, actually, since she's only 16 and I think she's only doing what she's been rewarded for all her life. I do blame her teachers, however, and perhaps her parents if they took her away from teachers who wanted more than power lungs.