I have just completed a Johnny Weir compilation DVD for a friend and thought I would make it available to anyone who is interested. So far it includes -

Today Show appearance - 2/06 - exhibition and interview
Nationals - 2001 - short and long
Goodwill Games - 2001 - short and long.
Skate Canada - 2001-02 - short only
Trophee Lalique - 2001-02 - long only
Nationals - 2002 - short and long
4 Continents - 2002 - blurb only
Hershey Great American Figure Skating Challenge - exhibition
Nationals - 2003 - short and long
Eastern Sectionals - 2003-04 - long, with interview
Nationals - 2004 - short and long, with interviews.

By the end of this week it will also include the performances from Worlds.
It runs approximately 2 hours and is available on both VHS and DVD.

I now have the capacity to make DVD's of all of my skating tapes. These go back to 1990. Some go back to 1980. If there is anything you are looking for, let me know and I will see if I have it.

PM me if you are interested.