To answer your question, YES, YL is unbeatable.

For starters, her spins and flexibility have raised the world bar. People can have their favourites, and rightly so, but, to pretend that YL is not the best spinner and the most flexible skater on the planet is delusional.

Secondly, her speed. Have you ever seen how much ground this girl covers during her routines. She simply does not stop, unlike other skaters who slow down a hell of a lot to put the power in their take-off foot prior to jumping, Lipnitskaya throws her jumps in from out of nowhere. From a spectating pov, YL's jumps flow from the program, other skaters are constantly start-stop-restart etc which has always looked clumsy and forced since FS began.

Thirdly, she attempts and lands, the most difficult cascade on the tour. (Tatiana) Tarasova has also said to reporters in Sochi that the cascde that YL can do is not the only trick up her sleeve, that she has another 3-3 cascade no one has seen yet.

Fourthly, she has ALL the momentum. She's been absolutely flying since coming to international attention, whereas YK has been all but invisible recently. Sure, you can cut it with your own federation, even European's or World's, BUT, history has already shown with Torvill and Dean (one of the best pairs skaters ever) with Plushenko (arguably the greatest male figure skater ever) that you CAN NOT disappear then expect ANOTHER OGM to fall into your lap after coming out of retirement/professional status to try for a 2nd one.

Fifthly, YL (and the other great young skaters, esp in Russian atm) are the future of the sport. Judges WILL see YK, Kostner, Asada, as the sport's past.

Sixthly, Russia has never had a female singles champion. YL is arguably the best bet they've ever had, plus the games are in Russia, of course the OGM won't have been bought and paid for (whatever people may think), but homefield advantage WILL influence the judges to give slightly higher scores to YL.

Seventhly, she's got the confidence. She's already an OGM here, Kostner, Asada, Gold, Wagner, they've all had the pleasure of being beaten here by YL. No matter what they may say in public, in their minds, they've already admitted defeat.

Eighthly, to get the best picture, you look and read NOT what the fans are saying, but what commentating FS OGM's from the past are saying both on screen and during interviews, Lipinski, Cousins et al, they're awed by what YL is doing and the talent she has.

Conclusion: As long as YL stays on her feet (and she has rarely ever fallen), yes, YL is unbeatable at these games. And as long as she stays motivated, I honestly can't see anyone beating her for the next 10 years.

As Robin Cosuins said of her, "someone with that talent comes along in any country once in a lifetime".
He certainly thinks YL has the potential to become the greatest ladies FS who has ever lived, and RC's assessment is good enough for me.