Ashley's said in the past that she wanted a 'long career', mentioning Joannie Rochette as a role model. She's never spoken about retirement though I feared she *could* drop the bomb at the end of this season, after having the Olympic dream come true. I think a Worlds medal is Ashley's unfinished business. She came very close in 2012 (and should have bumped Alena Leonova off the podium in my opinion). The consistency of Gracie Gold and Adelina Sotnikova is the unknown factor here, to have an idea as to what kind of success is possible, as well as that 3-3. Practice report are always great, and she *has* gotten credit for it a couple times this season, but it's not very consistent in competition. That could still come if she get more mileage on it (especially if it's clean in practice all the time).
I don't really expect to see her at the next Olympics, but someone mentioned 2016 Worlds in Boston.
True she could capitalize on her McKayla Marony-like fame and good looks to make money through other things than skating, but skating is what she loves and as skating fans, shouldn't we applaud that she prefers to put her ambitions on the ice?