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Thread: ABC cut Lambiel !!!!

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    I'm with you Sarah...

    While the fluff pieces are interesting regardless of where a skater hails from, I'd much rather cut that stuff and see more skaters. Our total air coverage time is so limited already.


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    No one's really complaining about the one bike for three people and the three dumplings fluff piece that they did on S&Z but rather that they cut Lambiel who had a great skate. Now personally, I wouldn't have cared if they cut out Johnny, but in all fairness, they should show everyone competed or at the least all the men in the final group. In fact, normally they show all the final group skates. Why even cut Lambiel? Maybe b/c his skating and spins put Johnny and Mikey to shame? Maybe if the American public saw how deep the men's event was we would get kind of discouraged about our boys potentially winning a medal? Or maybe b/c it's kind of hard to hype Johnny's prospects when you see the quality and difficulty of everyone out there.

    I just thought that it was an oddity that they cut his skate out when the event was tape delayed and they could have shown one less commercial or just cut a minute off of the 10 minute fluff piece in S&Z to show all of the skates in what is arguably one of the best men's competitions of all time.

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    What is evident about the broadcast is that ABC doesn't think its viewers want to see the rest of the field. When was the last time we get to see ALL the skaters? They ALWAYS cut stuff out, and normally we would not have been the wiser, except for the Internet and this forum. Certainly they could have broadcast 3 hours of skating and include more skating from the pairs and other men's program. But they didn't. Other countries get to see more because their audience wants more. Besides, there is a stigma about watching Figure Skating in America, llike it is not as worthy as some other sports.

    Maybe we should focus on telling ABC that we want more instead of putting down stories about the skaters. Seeing the skates are great, but it never hurts to know a little about the athletes as well.

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    I agree - it looks like you guys need to start emailing the TV companies - otherwise how will they know you are upset?

    Try threatening to subscribe to other channels to get the coverage you want (even if this is impossible, it doesn't hurt to tell them that!)


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    At this point, y'all might count yourselves lucky:
    Here in Austin, Texas, the local ABC affiliate BUMPED SKATING TO SHOW AN OLD MICHAEL DOUGLAS MOVIE.

    I called and complained, but they seem unconcerned. I hear they plan to show it one night soon- at 1:30 in the morning!!!!!

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    Cutting Out

    Cutting out Lambiel was unnecessary because in New York they still had about ten minutes left after Plushenko skated. I did not understand why they did that. even during the pairs they had plenty of time even with the piece about S and Z. Timewise they have always planned for six performances in an hour. Some director or whatever really screwed up this event. On Saturday they are planning 3 hours of skating but they will waste 1 hour reshowing the ladies short programs that will be shown on espn prior to the event. I personally would rather see the top four dance couples followed by the top 12 ladies. The field is so deep . They use to do this up until about 1998, but after that they stopped. WHY WHY WHY???????????????

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