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Thread: Who really won? Sotnikova or Lipnitskaya?

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    Who really won? Sotnikova or Lipnitskaya?

    Yes, Adelina won gold and Yulia failed to meet expectations. But even after her winning gold medal, I hardly can find anyone talking about how great her performances were. I hear how impressive Yulia was during the team event, two programs that were etched in people's minds, and they also talk about how Yulia didn't do as well during the individual event, and how "another Russian girl" won the event. My friend in Russia doesn't even know Adelina's name, but knows Yulia. Did Adelina win gold but is the gold medal and the controversy all she got, while Yulia won people's heart?

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    I feel it could be said that Lipnitskaia came out on top if we were to compare the girls Olympics.

    - there is some suspicion in a lot of die-hard figure skating fans minds (see this board) that there was some fixing in the ladies individual event. Even though some people say they feel the Russian's scores in the team event were inflated - they felt the placements were correct. So Julia's OGM is not really questioned at all; whereas Adelina's people are questioning that the medal was paid for and not earned.

    - Julia has gained a lot of U.S. recognition - I saw her on the cover of People magazine, and was getting talked about a lot during press coverage of the Olympics. Which means she probably has more international opportunities for endorsement deals than Adelina.

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    This topic is already being in discussed in several threads. No need to open another.

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