In a way what Joannie said was right.l. And everyone knows it. I cannot remember an incident in recent memory where the door was so wide open for the challenger to basically have a one fall margin and still win gold. Usually there may be a small opening but they have to be perfect. Indeed, it could be said that Patrick could have even made 2 mistakes and still won gold. But he kept on making mistake after mistake, He probably could have gotten away with two of them, maybe even 3 but not all the ones he made,

The gold was his for the taking and he could not skate an imperfect but 90% clean program. In that way, his case is different from that of other silver medalists, where it was alot closer and where it is debate able whether they were robbed. There is no one -not even many ubers I would suspect - that think Patrick should have won with the performance he gave.