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That's not unique to Yuna; all skaters work within the rules as articulated by ISU, the entity that judges the events and ranks the skaters. It's not like they have a special set of particularly harsh rules for Kim and an easier playbook for everyone else. If other skaters can design programs that garner the most points under the current rules, so should Kim.

I don't think it matters WHY Kim doesn't do a triple loop - injury, childhood trauma based on bad dreams, strategy r physical limitations. There are no rules that add a bonus for skipping elements with a good reason.

I also don't think the "difficult jumps" bonus should necessarily reward triple lutzes. Yes, a lutz is a difficult jump but a pool of ladies who are able to do a triple lutz is much, much larger than a pool of ladies who can execute a triple axel. It follows, then, that the jump in difficulty from a lutz to an axel is much, much larger than the jump in difficulty between a lutz and the next easier jump. The ISU decide to reward the triple axel as a technical skill that's exponentially, exceptionally more difficult than everything else.

A ton of people do 2A-3T, since before Kim was in diapers. It's hardly Kim's trademark move.

Yes, I correct, 2A3T was not unique to Kim - But I meant, to pull is off as clean as Yuna.
And Being able to do Lutz like textbook is very hard too - do you know how many skaters struggle with Flutz? Sotnikova, Lipnitskaya, and even Mao struggles with wrong edge with Triple Lutz.

And although it would be a tremendous gift to be able to do Triple Axel, many skaters don't attempt it because it messes up other triple jumps, no because they can't do it.