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Thread: Looking for ESPN worlds short and Lifetime Junior Worlds

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    Looking for ESPN worlds short and Lifetime Junior Worlds

    Hi There.

    Sometimes, being in Canada really sucks!

    My source of ESPN has experienced some serious technical problems so I'm not able to get the 03/25 ESPN2 short program coverage and, most importantly, the 03/26 Lifetime Junior worlds coverage.

    Would someone be interested in getting a copy of these out to me?

    If you have it on DVD/SVHS/VHS-SP even better.

    I don't know how much I have of interest to trade but maybe we can work something out.

    PM me if you can help.


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    Thumbs up 2004 Worlds SP & LP, 2004 JR Worlds

    I have the 2004 Worlds Ladies SP(espn) & LP(abc), also the two hour Lifetime broadcast of the 2004 JR WORLDS

    I can copy them on VHS or DVD-R

    For information, Email me at

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