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Thread: Davai Sochi: Daily Olympic Magazine Programme On Eurosport

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    Davai Sochi: Daily Olympic Magazine Programme On Eurosport

    Sorry that I am posting this so late into the Olympics, but I only discovered on Friday that Eurosport have been showing a daily magazine programme called “Davai Sochi” about what’s been happening at the Olympics.

    I only found out about it because I had taped something off Eurosport on Wednesday. When I came to watch the programme on Friday morning, the tail end of “Davai Sochi” was on before it. And they were showing an interview with Jason Brown.

    So I though “Oh! I’ll tape tonight’s episode to see what’s on it.” And boys but I am glad I did. They had Gwendal Peizerat (for goodness sake, Gwendal, have a shave!) interviewing Plushy about what had happened in the Men’s SP!!!!!!

    Now, unfortunately, this episode is not on YouTube. HOWEVER, the interview IS on Eurosport’s website!

    Hopefully it is not geo-blocked, because it is definitely worth watching!

    Also on the Eurosport website is a small part of the analysis of the Plushenko incident that Gwendal did with Sandy Heribert ( ) on Thursday’s episode:

    Fortunately, I have found a video elsewhere of part 3 of Thursday’s episode, which features the whole of this analysis. Unfortunately, it has been dubbed into French.

    Mind you, the voices are talking very fast trying to keep up with Gwendal and Sandy. So, to somebody like me who is used to people speaking French slowly, it sounded more like Italian!!!

    Other “Davai Sochi” figure skating videos on the Eurosport website are:

    this feature on Volosozhar/Trankov

    ...and these videos which I assume are from last night’s episode (I haven’t watched last night's episode yet, as I have still to watch the Short Dance):

    Feature on Patrick Chan

    An interview Gwendal and Sandy did with Denis Ten

    Oh, Denis is such a nice guy!


    P.S. Towards the end of Thursday's episode, they showed a post from French Biathlete Martin Fourcade’s Twitter of an, erm, "interesting" photo of the currently -out-through-injury German Biathlete Miriam Gössner…

    What is it with German sportswomen that so many feel they have to do this…?!

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    When I watch this show it just makes me more angry that Eurosport don't have the Olympics !.

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    Yes, really missing Eurosport. After all the build up and talk of Sochi, Sochi, Sochi for YEARS, this just is annoying. I wanted to watch on TV and not streams all the time. But maybe I should be happy I can watch it at all.

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