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Thread: Skaters who are not "your cup of tea"?

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    Hollywood is not about maturity lol. Jennifer Lawrence is the biggest star on earth right now, which is owed to a teen franchise and her total lack of maturity tbh.

    And there's a huge difference between the stars who get by on looks vs talent. I'm assuming these skaters are not Meryl Streep or John Hurt in disguise. If you look at the stars who basically made it for being hot, you get a very narrow range of attractive (for guys, you just have to look like a Chris Evans or some mild variation of tall, blond and buff. And for girls, just check the Maxim/Esquire lists for reference).

    Wagner on the red carpet was like the D list of D list. Mario Lopez is more relevant.

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    charisma is more important than looks

    i've liked some of the most butt ugly skaters because they have personality (see: plushy) and disliked some of the better looking skaters but they are straight up boring to watch (kiira korpi)

    it's when you don't have charisma or the looks that things start to become a problem

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    Guys, this thread was not intended to be a bashfest, but that's what it became. We are closing this thread. Please do not try to start another like it

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