backoutsideedge-I could not agree more! The federations were sending their new ones to this world's to get them exposed for next year's pre-Olympic world's. We didn't. We should have sent Jeff Buttle. We should have sent Cynthia Phaneuf. We shouldn't have sent Piche and Denis (they have been around forever). No knock on B/M or L/A but I think we should have sent Davison and Dube to Seniors. Aren't we hoping for them for 2006??? SC is looking one year ahead-getting spots for next year's worlds-rather than thinking to Torinro. That's very flawed thinking and could cost our young skaters at the Olympics.

Why not send an e-mail to SC? Because they won't listen. They think they know it all. This is the way they've been doing it since I wa sa little girl. Too much game-playing within SC, not enough emphasis on getting our best talent the exposure.