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My Family size bag of chips: Todd Eldredge - if I could trade every snowboarding and curling OGM for just 1 OGM for him I would
Make that sweet potato chips (delicious)

Also, Kurt, Paul W., "Taka," Michal B., Brian O., Sasha Abt, Ilia Kulik, Katia, Javier, the Kerrs, Meryl & Charlie, Tanith & Ben, The Shibs, Misha Ge, Denis Ten, Nathalie & Fabian, Delobel & Schoenfelder, Faiella & Scali, Capellini & Lanotte, Kirsten Moore-Towers & Dylan Moskovitch, Shen & Zhao, Akiko, Mao, Midori, Michelle, Yuka, Jeff Buttle, Alissa, Jason Brown, Max Aaron, Adam Rippon, Tomas V. ...

Japanese humility/graciousness in victory and defeat