and a string of 6.0s to you, Rosaleen, or make that two, AND THE GOLD, for grace, elegance, speed, and, yes, technical content and great technical difficulty (getting to the press room to connect to the internet, surmounting this and other obstacles to get us play-by-play rundowns and insightful commentary to boot)--and NO deductions:D

The other two spots on this podium go to Julia of fame for bringing us free, crisp, and easily downloadable videos of the top programs over this week, zipped for our downloading convenience--even my dial-up could handle it fine!

and the live audio broadcast from Eurosport, with incisive, balanced, honest, and enthusiastic commentary (they even called THEMSELVES on prejudging whenever they'd get too excited about a performance before the judges judged it--imagine this at the SLC pairs comp) that was the next best thing to being there, IMO.

Ladies and gentlemen, your spoiler champions for 2004!!!!!