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Thread: Any chance Kim will skate in 2018 olympics?

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    Any chance Kim will skate in 2018 olympics?

    I'm sure she'll still have the goods to contend. I wonder how much Korea will put pressure on her to compete at home - probably immense. Maybe home olympics will get her back into loving skating and light some fire in her..
    Just speculating here, it's rather obvious we won't see her compete for 3 years now, but who knows what happens comes 2018.

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    I think Yuna retired last night. Mao also said she will retire after worlds.

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    Wasn't there already a multi page thread about this? EXACT question?????

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    I don't think so...i think her injury is quite serious... She said that she preparing for sochi, she exceeded her psychologic and physical limit... although yea, it's in Korea, her time to ...., she can win if she still has the jumps...

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