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Thread: Nordics in Uppsala, Sweden Feb 27 - March 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziggy View Post
    Joshi better get sent to Worlds or I'll firebomb Swedish Fed's HQ.
    It has already been written earlier in this thread that Joshi will go to worlds. Skate Sweden have also confirmed this.

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    Phew, Ziggy, no need for you to become a criminal

    Joshi named for WC.

    …Joshi came back strong after an injury which kept her off ice for most of the autumn… 9th at Europeans in Budapest… her third top ten placement at Euros shows consistency… this is her second world's… at her first in 2011, she was in 15th place

    First substitute Vikoria, second Isabelle

    GO Joshi! Your time to shine.

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    I've wondered the same.. I don't like the music and the choreo is a bit strange but I think her dress is fine! The problem Juulia has is her jumps. She hasn't improved much during the past 3 years and it's not about her coach (Juulia has several younger training mates who have learned almost all triples). Juulia is already 19 so I'm not too optimistic about her learning new jumps... I was really impressed by the younger Finns at the Nordics. Both Saarinen and Efimenko did very well. There was also a young Swedish skater Anita Östlund (born 2001) who did a nice 3T+3T and 3Lo! I'm glad Sweden is sending Joshi to Worlds. I expect to see Viktoria continue her career at least for one more season, since the Euros will be held in Sweden next year.

    Quote Originally Posted by Carmen95 View Post
    Sorry, but I need to gossip a little bit about Juulia Turkkila: how can a young girl choose this music? And how the hell told her a neon green dress would be the best to wear to this music?!?!?! This thought was in my head since Finlandia Trophy (I think it was Finlandia...)

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