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Thread: What did Sotnikova do wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ginal View Post
    I suspect you are from another time. A forum is a place to express opinions, what is your problem? Again, Caro did not offer a high five, why would she? At least if you are going to talk about something, get the facts right.
    I am from a time where I was raised that I can express my opinion respectfully to others. I am not saying you can't express your opinion but you do not have to bash a skater for something that was no fault of her own. Again Adelina did not judge herself. She did her job and skated. I read that Carolina high fived Adelina. Carolina has been the picture of graciousness and class through out and genuinely happy to be an Olympic medalist. She gets along with everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmyers View Post
    In the SP Sotnikova has easier Combo but it was executed perfectly and then made up for it better spins and steps than anyone! So she made it all up! IN the free skate she had a step out but wasn't depending on triple salchows! Triple salchows from Yuna and Carolina because they didn't want to do 2 flips or 2 lutz or 2 lopps. Well I know Yuna can't do loop but why not flip or lutz? She and Carolina are just the triple salchow twins and they gave the gold to Sotnikova more than anyone else!
    What you said is true but here is where FS judging shoots itself in the foot.

    1. It doesn't matter if a skater does an easier jump if she does it perfectly. So Adelina's easier jump shouldn't affect her score.
    2. Yuna lost because she did an easier jump than Adelina. Therefore, since Adelina did the harder jump, she should win!

    What this means in English is:
    1. If the person we've decided we want to win the medal does an easier jump than others, that's OK because I'm sure he/she will do it perfectly. (Ironically, Carolina coasted on this one for years).

    2. If the person we want to win does a harder jump, that's why she/he should win. If they don't do it perfectly, so be it because it was so hard

    There are a few more laws, as well

    3. If the person we want to win doesn't do a quad/lutz/triple combo/twizzle, throw triple axel/ (fill in the jump) it doesn't matter because artistry/transitions/(fill in the thing) is the most important thing

    4. If the person we want to win has no artistry but does the (fill in the jump), well, this is a sport and the jumps are what matter!

    The real trick is figuring out how they decide who they want to win, if it's based on skating or something else.

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    To answer the original question:
    Sotnikova tried to boil Gus Kenworthy's new puppies.

    Just kidding.

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