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Thread: I am proud of Michelle

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    I am proud of Michelle

    All the bad luck Michelle had to deal with this week:
    a bad Q. round
    a time deduction in the SP
    A security breach right before her LP

    Considering all she went though I am so gald that she fought her way back to claim her 9th medal at worlds. Remember y'all this is not a very important year for Michelle we still have 2 more years to go untill 2006 if she decides to go.

    I am super proud of Michelle to come back in the long and recieve 6.0 in the process. She goes down in history to be given the last 6.0 in compitition. Also Michelle came in 2nd the Long. To me that says alot.

    9th meadal at worlds

    career medal count
    A complet set at worlds!!!! Go michlle

    After tonite I will call her "the Kween of Klass"!!!!

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    The key, I think, was her reaction to the streaker...

    If she had appeased the streaker, she would have gotten the Spanish judge's vote. Had she climbed into bed with the streaker, she would have secured France's. She might have formed an alliance with the streaker to ensure a "thumbs up" from Germany. And, if only she'd dive-bombed the streaker she'd have the Japanese judge and...alas...the World Championship!

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    Michelle should be proud of what she has accomplished here. You don't have to win all the time. She has done amazingly for so many years that we expect her to be on top all the time. Congratulations Michelle!
    However, I think to continue to be good in your sport, you have to listen to your coach and vice-versa of course. I read somewhere that Michelle defied Arutunian's advice to run through her whole SP in practice. A coach is hired for a reason. Most of the time you as an athlete cannot gauge a situation very clearly and objectively especially when you have and is still enjoying superstar status. Case in point, the division championships between Yankees and Red Sox last year. Grady as a manager/coach knew Pedro should have rested after the whatever inning otherwise he wouldn't have approached him. Athletes can become so emotional sometimes they don't see what's going on outside their minds.

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    I love her more and more. I'm proud also. She fought back. She had a lot of anger over everything. Overtiming, streakers, her qualifying.

    That's my fighter.

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