Hi guys.

I wasn't following the figure skating closely in the last 6-7 years.

And I was surprised by this with the Olympics and now the Worlds.

A few years ago, when you made the top 3 you could enter 3 contestants next year, when you placed 4th to 10th you could enter 2 contestants.

Now, in men's competition, why can Japan enter 3 skaters and not 2. Why Spain and Kazakhstan can only enter 2?
I understand some skaters may not meet all the requirements, but if 3 Spanish or Kazakhstani skaters did, why they cannot enter a third skater based on their top 3 from last year.

The same goes to USA in women, why can they enter 3 girls if they did not make the top 3 last year and why Italy can only enter 2?

What is the new formula that ISU uses nowdays to determine how many skaters can enter? Can someone explain it to me.