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Thanks for extended answer!
However, the result is made by both technical and component score and the later is where values befall. I'll explain to you how it was explained to me: skaters have to interpret the music. Thay have to do every move with music accenting or illustrating it. They are not allowerd to make preparation pauses before elements like Sotnikova did; which besides suggests that her technique wasn't superior. If supperior, the jumps should look like a musical accent - like Yuna's.
That's what Caro did. She had it ALL in her performance. Adelina had huge easy looking jumps - that's considered too..And her jumps were in the 2nd half of the program - her difficult jumps and combos, I mean. So her GOE was bigger, and rightfully so! Also her spins were much better than Yuna's. So is there a question on TES? Her PCS were high, I agree. But even if she had 69-70, she'd still have won. Yuna has reputation. But her mistake was to go to Olys w/o competing in GP and other big ISU events. She can't be sure to get super high marks not competing. And Mao was better than both, so to say. Caro too!