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Adelina didn't get any 10s either. Kostner and Kim did not Adelina. Adelina hit over 200 points at Euros. IF Adelina got the PCS she got at Euros in the free, she still would have won here.

In order for her to have LOST, she would have had to have had the lowest pcs in the final group. Do you really think that's appropriate? Lower than Yulia's. And you realize that internationally Adelina was getting higher pcs than Yulia all year. Even at Euros in the free when Yulia went clean and Adelina didn't. Even when Adelina had a really bad free at the GPF.

One of the reason's Adelina's scores shut up was because she went pretty much with the minor two foot at double jump clean here. With a 3/3 something she hasn't done since she was a Junior. Technically she skated her best ever.

Once again, why is Kostner going up over 18 points fine on her personal best but its not okay for Adelina to be up by 18. That's a pretty double standard. Seeing as both Adelina and Kostner had similar consistency issues.
The problem is her PCS for both the SP and the LP went up. Reducing both SP and LP to Euro's which should have been the maximum she could receive, would have resulted in a score 6 points lower. That not even getting into the fact that her TES scores went up several points from Euro's where she was squeaky clean in the SP and only had one mistake in the LP. Yet her scores went up 14 points. How can anyone say this is fair. Carolina upped her technical difficulty in the SP and went from making 5 different mistakes (including 2 falls in the LP) to going completely clean to justify her scores. Meanwhile Adelina had the same(lower) technical difficulty in the SP, and the only area her skating was better was the first jump combination, and to counter that she made a mistake on a double jump later on. None of these things explain why her score jumped 22 points.