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Thread: When is it to late to restart? Am i to tall?

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    When is it to late to restart? Am i to tall?

    Hi .... My name is Veronica and i used to be a figure skater.
    I started when i was 11 and skated till i was 19...
    Although most people said i started to late, i could do triples and competed in juniors.
    Most people said i was perfect for skating... I even trained with Mishin...
    But at 16 i got a blessure due to which i had to stop for a year.
    After this I came back and tried again. After a year of hard training.
    I could basically do everything again except the fact that i was holding in my fear for jumps due to the blessure i had had.
    I competed till my 19... Then i just stopped. I didnt like it anymore.
    It was like i couldnt find what i loved about it except some small stuff.
    And the competitions, trainers, my mom pushed me so hard i just couldnt take it anymore.
    So i stopped. Just like that i gave it all up.
    It took me months before i was ok and didnt regret it etc.
    i was living my life as a normal girl.
    But now today im
    22 in 2 months ill be 23...
    I havent been skating since i stopped. I came back to see if i could still do something.
    Although the ice felt weird, my feet hurt like hell, and my constant feeling of disbalance...
    I could still do spins and some doubles.. Ok not great but considering that i felt weird and ofbalance doing a threeturn i would say pretty ok.
    I even made a video and i actually look better, thinner then before...
    So a month went by, i saw the olympics and i made myself analyze why i got lost.
    And had fear... So i figured out why and im sure i can shut that of..
    But the question im asking is it to late to come back ?
    Just to be clear if I do come back its for max 4years and to be better then i was so only competitive...
    Im not a dreamer trust me. I just regret not being the person i am today back then when i was doing the thing i love most... So i honestly need ur opinion ... Is it worth trying?
    Im in good shape... Leaner then before...
    Sorry for my writting mistakes i'm from russian origin so sorry again... Hope you can help me out...

    And one more question that just recently started worrying me...
    Im 171cm is that to tall ? Although back then i was also 171cm just now i noticed there arent a lot of tall skaters....

    Thank you again!!!! Hope u dont mind me asking...

    Best to all..

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    Of course it will take some time, and just everything changes as your body changes, and obviously you haven't been skating for a while. Take some time to start training again and be patient about not being the skater you used to be when you were younger. Take a mindset that you are starting anew.

    Being tall might be a disadvantage but it does not mean that you cannot be a good skater. You might have better presence on ice with your longer limbs (i.e. Carolina Kostner is 5'7", almost 170cm like you.) Some male skaters are way above 6 ft tall, some even as tall as 190 cm.

    It's always hard to know what you really want to do when you are younger, which is always a challenge for athletes because the critical period where you are at your healthiest goes by too quickly before your brain has matured enough to be able to decide your path for yourself. You are in a better place than people who have skated much less (or even not at all) than you have and have found passion in skating.

    I would say, give it a shot, take it slowly and be patient, and see how you feel along the way. Cheers and good luck!

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    definitely start again, if you miss it and love it. it's better to really try and give it your all than to always have regrets and wonder what might have happened if you tried. also it's not like you're 22 and just learning to skate for the first time. i think you will have even more success than before and definitely will enjoy skating more if you're coming back to it for yourself and not being pushed by your mom and other people's expectations.

    and there is nothing wrong with being a dreamer; never apologize for having hopes and desires. almost everyone who is successful at what they do has stories of being told they would never make it. best of luck to you!

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    It's always worth trying. Even if you end up skating just for yourself, the feeling of accomplishment will be worth it. And I agree about your height. After Carolina Kostner, whose jumps are wonderful, one can't make blanket statements about a skater's size.

    Go for it, and good luck!

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