Interesting point made in one of the posts:

These are the kinds of jumps we have in the system so far:
Loop, Salchow
Toe-Loop, Lutz, Flip

Lutz and Flip are separate jumps for a reason since the take-off mechanism is supposed to be different because of the angle of your foot. Male skaters usually seem to do fine with lutz jumps - you can see a clear outside edge take-off, but flutzing (using inside-edge for a lutz jump) is so frequent among ladies.

So basically, they are doing a flip jump. But consider this: if a skater cannot do a lutz jump, they can still list it as a planned element along with flip jumps, and whether or not she uses outside edge, regardless of an edge call is made or not, will still get credit, although may get deducted some points.

This is basically a loophole in the Zayak rule because a skater can get by by jumping at most four of the same jump and still can get credits.

IMO wrong-edge lutz should be considered a flip, thus upon failure it should be considered as a flip jump, and if the skater has already jumped two flips, it should not be recognized.

What do other people think?