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Thread: Wrong Edge Problem and Kinds of Jumps

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    Quote Originally Posted by VirMo View Post
    Someone mentioned Carolina gave up on lutz because she couldn't execute it well? Example of honest skaters being punished.
    I don't recall her ever having edge calls on her jumps. Even so, what's so "honest" about that? The point is to accrue points, not be an edge purist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by usethis2 View Post
    Axel is the only forward take-off jump so in many ways it's different from the rest. Among developing women skaters, double Axel is often considered a big landmark in their growth.

    I am curious about Flutz/Lip situation among women as well - my current thesis is that it's harder for women to fix incorrect techniques learned before puberty. And coaches may not teach girls correct technique if they manage to land jumps whatever technique used. (and get paid) When body starts to change, those wrong techniques actually hinder jumps, are hard to shake off, and in turn make skaters more insecure.. (?) It's a theory. Maybe those with experiences can testify.
    I can only speak from experience as an ice skating parent. At the younger (Pre-juev and below) the emphasis in on the "total package" so having a good "overall package" negates any wrong edges. Only when you hit the juevenile level is each element actually reviewed/graded for correct form. But by then a child has been skating 4+ years so bad techniques are hard to break.

    Also, developing correct technique takes longer so a skater's progress will be slower. All parents may not see this when they compare their child's progress against skaters of a similar level. Let's be honest - ice skating parents are a competitive bunch and don't want anyone improving faster than their child.

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    Thank you concorde. Interesting story and definitely educational.

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