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Thread: Fan Reaction to Olympic Ladies Event

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    Quote Originally Posted by karne View Post
    Sale would know all about disagreeing with results...she was part of the team who was given a second gold medal for disagreeing with results!
    The 2nd gold medal was awarded after a vote-trading scheme was reported by a French judge who had been pressured into it. If it had been an ordinary protest, there probably wouldn't have been a 2nd GM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sky_fly20 View Post
    the NYTIMES reported about this story:
    As usual, our misleading demagogue Sky omitted an important perspective in the article: this is written by a Korean journalist citing the analyses of Koreans only. So this is self-refection or more like self-criticism on what they have done. Not an angry defense thrown to the world. Now Koreans look less fanatic. This makes me hope to see a NYTimes article by a Russian journalist reflecting on their blatant home advantage.

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    I really feel bad for all the skaters when something like this occurs. They were all involved in the competition. The last thing that they would want is a disputed result. It makes one wonder how many of them were held up or down in the final result whether they were on the medal stand or not.

    Back in 2002 it was not just Jamie and David who got robbed. I thought that Kyoko and John who skated a perfect program had earned 4th place, not Fifth which went to Tatiana and Maxim. That was an indication of things to come.

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    This is the ISU's fault for creating an opaque system, and trying to sweep the controversy under the rug.

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