Hey guys, a friend over at SashaFans.com is assembling a scrapbook congratulating Sasha on her Silver medal at Worlds. She will be attending COI and has backstage passes, so it is very likely she will get to see Sasha, and hopefully be able to hand her the book there. If you would like to contribute, please email ramirejm@muohio.edu with your letter (please make it a .doc word document) or email herand ask for her address if you want to hand write and send her a letter for sasha.

Please use proper spelling and grammar, and make it look nice All entries will be put on some colorful paper. Please put "Sasha's Scrapbook" in the subject line. Deadline is around April 13th, but try submiting ASAP!

We know that Sasha will love this and hopefully she'll know how proud we are of our World Silver Medalist!