First off, sorry about not being able to post to the original thread started on 12/30/03 & last posted to on 01/04/04......tried to, but board wouldn't let me......thus this continuation thread.

Just wanted to let you know that it IS the exact same music that I first heard in 1997........when I was serving overseas in the Peace Corps........and my sister had sent me my very first skating tape, which had on it Oksana Baiul's Dateline Interview with Jane Pauley. And during the INTRO this achingly poignant music came on, which has haunted me ever since, until December 2003, where I thought I heard it during Miki Ando's slow section of Firebird. But due to my confusion I wasn't sure. Thus, my original thread calling out to anybody that might be able to identify it, and you came forward to help (thank you btw).

Without a doubt, the very beginning of Miki Ando's slow section to Firebird......where the majestic opening music switches to a hauntingly slow it! Anyhow, just wanted to let you know b/c you told me to bring that thread up again after Worlds, which I wasn't able to do, unfortunately. Thus, this thread.

Peace & Love, Nadine (:^)

P.S. I can honestly just listen to that one section over and over and over again (no lie) ~ aahhh ~ so sublime.