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this connector that was not well described
*cringe* I know, sorry! The way I pictured it, there is no turn of the blade on the ice upon landing the first jump, and when you take off for the leap, the landing blade from the first jump is still going backwards, so I assumed that would count as a full revolution. I was just explaining it from the standpoint of the way the hips travel into the leap vs. how the blade travels into it.
(hope that doesn't just make it even more confusing ).

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It's not that the arms need to be lower than second position at shoulder level or slightly below -- but to set up the rotation of the second jump, CCW, the left shoulder would need to be forward and the right shoulder back before the jump, and then the shoulders would reverse when the free leg swings forward to initiate the salchow rotation. I.e., the arms in the air for the half loop could be anything that lets the skater rotate the half loop -- it's the stag position of the legs that would be more likely to slow down rotation too much -- but the arms on the landing of half loop need to be in position to allow the shoulders to check the half loop rotation and then initiate the salchow rotation. You're not going to get a triple salchow if you start with the shoulders square.
That was massively helpful! Thank you

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I know it's not the case, but it can look like that to a casual viewer or no one with any skating experience.
That's me and that's what it looked like to me, except I noticed that she turns around on her landing foot before the stepover (so she she lands with blade going backwards, and then kind of swivels around on it to face forward again, and then hops over onto the other foot for the salchow). Does that make it a totally different thing from Chan's?