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I hope Ashley can regain her national title and get some good international results going forward. With Yuna gone and Mao possibly gone, I've actually latched onto Ashley a bit. I love how she attacks her programs and has this edge to her, rather than being some pretty ice princess. She has her own style and she knows how to sell a routine. I really hope she's the leading US lady for the next quad (sorry, I find Gracie too pageanty. Polina has potential and I like what I saw at Worlds, but she's yet to get the fire that Ashley has).

I'm not enough of a tech expert to figure out what Ashley has to do to get there, but I wish her all the best.
I agree with you completely. Ashley has the personality and artistic range that Gracie and Polina have yet to show. Gracie is more technically capable than she is, but Gracie has a long way to go in terms of expression (she can't just keep up the whole ice-princess thing). I also look forward to seeing Polina in the future, since she needs to grow into her body and still looks a bit awkward/coltish. As far as I'm concerned, at this point Ashley is the most promising of the U.S. ladies and I wouldn't write her off for the next quadrennial.