Mmmm. it has been announced that Jade Etherington will be the flagbearer in the Closing Ceremony IF she is well enough.

I hope she is well enough because, after winning all those medals, she deserves this honour.

In theory, the next choice should be Kelly Gallagher. For goodness sake, she won Team GB's first ever Winter Paralympic Gold medal. And, of course, I would love to see somebody from Northern Ireland have a big honour like this.

But, I am not entirely sure whether Kelly will have sufficiently got over the disappointment of what happened in her other races, and in particular this morning's, to do something major like this. Like, she was more than a bit annoyed...

The Closing Ceremony will be shown on Channel 4 from 15:45 - 17:55 GMT.

Digital terrestrial (UK only): Ch. 4 on Freeview
Digital cable (UK only): Ch. 104 on Virgin Media
Digital satellite (Europe): Ch. 104 on SkyDigital
Astra 28.2E, Transponder 41 (10.714H. MBaud 22,000. FEC 5/6).
NOTE: There are 6 regional variations of Channel 4 on this frequency. But, it doesn't matter which one you watch - the only difference is the adverts!

I will be away this afternoon, so I won't see it live. And anyway, I haven't got round to watching the Opening Ceremony yet...