For those who do not know before we begin, here are the requirements for achieving a Level 4 step sequence in singles skating:

1.) 5 different types of turns and 3 different types of steps, all executed at least once in both directions.
2.) Rotations in both directions with full body rotation covering at least 1/3 of the pattern in total for each rotational direction.
3.) Use of upper body movements for at least 1/3 of the pattern.
4.) Two different combinations of 3 difficult turns executed with a clear rhythm.

Here is every skate movement that Sotnikova made in the step sequence of her LP, listed in order of execution from start to finish:

1.) Three Turn, counterclockwise (x2)
2.) Curve with change of edge, clockwise
3.) Twizzle, clockwise
4). Toe Hop, counterlockwise
5.) Rocker, counterclockwise
6.) Change edge from inside to outside
7.) Three Turn, clockwise
8.) Twizzle, counterclockwise (barely makes it around and free foot comes down quickly)
9.) Curve with change of edge, clockwise
10.) Loop, clockwise
11.) Three Turn, clockwise
12.) Choctaw, counterclockwise
13.) Illusion turn, counterclockwise
14.) Toe Steps, clockwise
15.) Rocker, clockwise
16.) Counter, clockwise
17.) Bracket, counterclockwise (FAILED attempt, edge is flat before the turn and unsteady on exit, with free foot coming down)
18.) Mohawk, counterclockwise
19.) Loop, counterclockwise
20.) Toe Hop, clockwise
21.) Chasse, clockwise
22.) Rocker, clockwise
23.) Rocker, counterclockwise (barely, edge is shallow and immediately changes over)
24.) Rocker, counterclockwise
25.) Chasse, clockwise (x3)
26.) Edge change from inside to outside
27.) Edge change from outside to inside with free foot placed on ice
28.) Rocker, clockwise (barely, edge is shallow and immediately changes over)
29.) Three Turn, clockwise

5 types of turns need to be executed in both directions. By my count Sotnikova only executed 4 types of turns in both directions - Three Turn, Rocker, Loop, and Twizzle (and this one is very questionable on the counterclockwise attempt).

3 types of steps need to be executed in both directions and I only see 1 type of step executed in both directions - Toe Hop.

She not only failed to achieve the #1 criteria for Level 4, but she also failed to achieve the #4 criteria. Other people who are able to, analyze this step sequence with me and let's uncover the truth.


See my post HERE that analyzes Yu-Na's footwork sequence, which is a Level 4.