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Here is the clearest video you can get online of Sotnikova's performance: http://skatingvideoclips.com/getfile...9&sid=f69801fb

This link is best for viewing the performance with the least amount of commentary, though: http://www.speedyshare.com/GWRmH/Ade...OlympicsLP.wmv

Gkelly and I had three areas of disagreement it seems:

How can this count as a choctaw when she is on two feet? There isn't a step from one foot to the other here, there's a curve on two feet and then she changes edge and foot.

It doesn't come out on a RBO edge, the turn is to an inside edge and then it slides over to an outside edge.

And here, she has lost the inside edge before she turns, so it's a rocker.


And then one rule that needs to be clarified:

Edge changes have to be on a full curve to count as a step, though. Otherwise it's just fiddling back and forth on the edge and doesn't count for anything towards the level. She only does changes of edge on a curve in the clockwise direction.
I don't even think we have to be this detailed to know that Adelina did not deserve gold. But it's interesting and it just makes the cheating case even stronger. You're doing a really great analysis on this.