I think the conclusion is simple:

On the objective side

- Adelina got generous PCS boost <-------- it's a fact, compare to her previous performances
- Other Russian skaters got generous scores, despite the fact that they deserved the win (V/T), Yulia (despite a fall) <------------ it's a fact
- Adelina didn't get called on her mistakes <------------ it's merely a fact now, though I am not a tech specialist, I put my trust in BoP and many others
- Other skaters also got overlook on some mistakes <-----------Yup, but not as much as Russian skaters
- Adelina's step sequence was just level 3, and Yuna's was level 4 <----------It's a fact, though I am no tech specialist here, but I put my trust in BoP

==> Overall, it's so obvious that the scores were rigged, but we might never know how. It's is extremely frustrating but it's the truth. ISU will probably pull the card "it's subjective and we thought Adelina was the best of that night." <----- end of story because we have solid proof like record, emails... to prove, the judges would never admit that they rigged the scores. It's obvious that Adelina's score shouldn't be on that level. But ISU can always use the excuse that the judges simple liked her.
Now, on the subjective side

- Lots of people think Yuna's performance were the greatest that night, but still underscored <--------- I disagree, I think her score was quite rightful. The problem is they over-scored Adelina.

- Some people think Mao delivered the performance of that night, but extremely underscored because she was out of podium anyway. <---------- I agree, even though I am not her fan, I dislike the music. So if people demand fair judging, they should take careful look at other skaters' scores and demand fair scores for them also, not only for Yuna.

- Some people think Adelina's performance was not as bad as people had exaggerated, they think her performance was lively, energetic and she had the skate of her life, some even like her performance better than Yuna. <--------- I agree. Despite the flaws, her jumps are huge and her performance was impressive overall. Most commentators expressed their amuse at her programs until they see the unbelievable high scores. Still it's true that they found her amazing, which proves that she was truly a medal-worthy of that night. But was she amazing enough to be the gold medal?
I don't think so, I think she should just get the bronze. But it's true her performance is likeable. Setting the placement aside, she had a strongest skate of her life. So it's understandable that there are people who appreciate her performance than Yuna. I am one of those who feel more during her skate, I think Yuna's fans shouldn't dismiss her like" she skated ugly" and "like a beast". Because it's not true and it's insulting.
Again, it's subjective so people have the rights to hold on to their feelings and opinions, it's funny that some people say people like Adelina's FS are stupid and new to FS. As a take back, I doubt that most Yuna's fans actually know FS.

- Some people think Yuna's performance and strategy was somewhat lackluster, that the choice of music and so-so choreography harmed her. <------ I agree. I think Yuna's performance was classy, beautiful, consistent, but kinda off. David Wilson's programs this season were all lackluster (counted the top men here). She should have been the gold/silver tie with Kostner, who I found more charming and lovely. And it's not only me who prefer Kostner performance and think that Kostner should have higher PCS. I have read some reviews and blogs about figure skating, they have the same ideas as mine. So I am not alone. Since this is subjective, you can't say: "you are blind/stupid to think that way."