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That poster's argument was that underrotation was not an unfair advantage. My point was that it is, given that too much of it is explicitly prohibited.

And you've all missed a previous point made about Yu-Na Kim's landing on the second lutz--that by the time the blade was on the ice, she was within the 1/4 mark anyway. The only way you can argue she wasn't within the 1/4 mark is if you take a starting point of after she started pre-rotating--which is wrong since pre-rotation is supposed to count towards the total rotation of the jump, and if you applied that standard towards all other skaters, all their jumps would be UR as well. But some of the posters in this thread took screenshots using a ridiculous starting point of the jump to show as "evidence" that she underrotated the landings by 180 degrees or whatever.

Yes, I suppose you can argue about what point the toepick hit the ice, but if you've watched a lot of skaters' jumps in slow-mo, you'd be surprised at how many of them would be considered UR if you take the absolutely first moment when the toepick makes microscopic contact with the ice as the landing point.
No. Lol. Stop.

Read my post. I think it's clear enough that anyone should be able to understand the issue.

The jump was UR. Just... Wow. It's like arguing with a cult of people who claim 1 + 1 = 4 here...