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Thread: Artistic Program Question

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    Artistic Program Question

    Long story short, I did competitive skating (up to the junior level) for 12 years. I quit 3 years ago, but wanted to get back into doing a showcase event/artistic program competition. I considering on signing up for a competition where I'd be competing in an Artistic 6 level, but since I'm in college, I'll be preparing for this competition mostly by myself.

    Just two questions before I decide to register, since it's been over 3 years since my last competition, and 10 years since I last competed in an artistic event.

    1. Do I need jumps at all to compete? I don't jump anymore, and would prefer to not start practicing them.
    2. is there anywhere where I can find rules/regulations/requirements for an artistic program? Besides the 2:40 minute rule.

    Thanks everyone! Clearly I'm quite out of the competition circle.

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    There should be rules on the national showcase section of usfs. Good interpretive programs don't necessarily have jumps but a few singles probably wouldn't stress you out much. Good luck

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