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Thread: Steven Spielberg thanks Lipnitskaya for playing girl in red of Schindler's List

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    Great for Julia! Wonderful praise for her.

    Quote Originally Posted by sky_fly20 View Post
    I just hope Spielberg includes Gracie Gold too along with Julia
    I don't think Spielberg is doing a remake of Ice Princess or another High School Musical sequel any time soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CezarMart View Post
    No, Yulia is very expressive. Comparing, for example, to Yuna who is icy cold and expressionless, Yulia is emotional without having to act emotional. She is natural. She doesn't even know she is emotional. She doesn't even have to do any acting to be a Jewish girl, because when she performs she somehow IS that Jewish girl. And the power of it is that she doesn't even realize that. That's why it is so emotionally strong and captivating.
    When Kim Yuna performs she is very self-indulgent. She is showing "look, I am a diva". And she acts a diva.
    Yulia is just a girl who is portraying a girl. And it's really haunting.
    I do love Yulia's interpretation of Schindler's list. It is haunting and beautiful. She is an extraordinary talent, but she still needs to be refine and develop her skills.

    It's Yuna Kim, Hello. She has the goods to back it up. If Yuna isn't a diva, then no one gets to be a diva! She earned the right to be a diva as far as I'm concerned. In any case, no, I don't think she is a robot. Her Danse Macabre showed the world how much fire and intensity she possessed. However, post-Vancouver, she peaked and stopped developing and challenging herself with different programs. Her team didn't have a clue on how to keep her #1. I did feel that her skating post-Vancouver was very business-like and lacked the emotional connection we previously experienced from her.

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    Looks like he wrote the same letter to Katerina Witt


    Anyhow, Yulia totally earned the recognition. I hope they do meet someday.

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