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Well, students leaves from all coaches, even from the mighty Tarasova, i don't think that there are more students leaving Mishin in comparation with other coaches .

Gachinsky has a good jump-technik. Nerves failed him, not the jump technik. I hopes he goes to someone who can give him the stability, as is no rezept against it. Griazev was also not a reliable skater, at the moment Kovtun is also not... Sometimes it works with a coach, sometimes not. I don't see a fault now with Mishin, there is no coach who started with a studnet when he was young to bring all to medal. Those coaches who takes only the formed students, even them have not only success, so i don't understand the negativity towards Mishin .

I wish he would go to Orser, but it might be too expensive for him.
Gachinski's jumps really excite me, but other than that...his overall performances are dry. It's not just natural talents anymore, the problem lies with mentality. And I don't think Orser could do anything with Gachinski's mentality. The problem lies within Gachinski himself.
I do believe Mishin is a good coach and he had done everything for his students. If Yagudin had left Mishin for Tarasova sonner with less jumping technique, I really wonder would he have had such a career. We can't say Mishin did nothing for Yagudin. Anyways, we can't have another Yagudin or another Plushenko, you know. They are two in the millions.