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Thread: Mishin: Gachinski was jealous of Plushenko

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    Quote Originally Posted by aschiutza View Post
    Well, students leaves from all coaches, even from the mighty Tarasova, i don't think that there are more students leaving Mishin in comparation with other coaches .

    Gachinsky has a good jump-technik. Nerves failed him, not the jump technik. I hopes he goes to someone who can give him the stability, as is no rezept against it. Griazev was also not a reliable skater, at the moment Kovtun is also not... Sometimes it works with a coach, sometimes not. I don't see a fault now with Mishin, there is no coach who started with a studnet when he was young to bring all to medal. Those coaches who takes only the formed students, even them have not only success, so i don't understand the negativity towards Mishin .

    I wish he would go to Orser, but it might be too expensive for him.
    Gachinski's jumps really excite me, but other than that...his overall performances are dry. It's not just natural talents anymore, the problem lies with mentality. And I don't think Orser could do anything with Gachinski's mentality. The problem lies within Gachinski himself.
    I do believe Mishin is a good coach and he had done everything for his students. If Yagudin had left Mishin for Tarasova sonner with less jumping technique, I really wonder would he have had such a career. We can't say Mishin did nothing for Yagudin. Anyways, we can't have another Yagudin or another Plushenko, you know. They are two in the millions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackPack View Post
    It is obvious to everyone that Mishin and Plush have a very special soulmate connection (I don't mean in the romantic sense). However, Mishin is supposed to be a professional and try to do his best to help whomever he accepts to be in his care and guidance. This pattern of abandoning students as soon as they run into problems or not living up to Plushenko's standards is bad.

    OMG! Mishin and Plushenko's relationship as father and son. They said this not once. When Plushy arrived in St. Petersburg he was 11. Mishin is a great storyteller person. He said about this time: : "He looked like a cheap chicken, very green and very blue and no fat .... very ecological!" :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by sky_fly20 View Post
    Mishin stopped focusing on and dumped Gachinski,
    his new star pupil is 14 year old Petrov
    Well, Petrov said he plans to learn quads over the summer. He says his quad loop is even better than quad toe in practice.

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    I am just catching up on the Men's SP from Junior Worlds and have just watched Petrov. Oh dear.

    To me he confirms Mishin's inability to 'move on with the times.' He's all about the jumps. Very impressive jumping technique with a lot of height and distance for a skater still so small and young. I can definitely believe that he might be able to start landing quads as soon as next season. But there was nothing else. Basic skating wasn't bad for a skater at his age but it wasn't great either. His upper body movement was messy, imprecise and seemed off-time. And the choreography was quite basic and generic. Spins were weak as well. Typical Mishin - it's all about the jumps.

    To everybody saying 'but he's only 14 and has a lot of time to develop those things.' Sure. But look at Nathan Chen who is also 14. He can't jump as well but he's a much more well rounded skater.

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